what temperature is too cold for fruit flies?

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Answered: Why plants cannot grow in cold temperatures ?

I guess it has to do with moisture, less moisture in air doesnt help the plants at all. However, there are specific breeds which do good in cold environment.

Answered: What causes fruit flies? i have no food left out or anything

They have a very strong sense of smell. They can immediately detect the nearest food supply within meters. There might be some trash or fruit fly eggs scattered throughout your home. Just clean up the place and most importantly bleach the sink pipes. I know this sounds simple and ineffective but ...

Answered: Fruit Cup Day for the Fruit Cups

Have you ever seen so much leftist stupidity in all your life? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: Where do fruit flies come from?

Ok so here how it goes. A mother fruit fly finds a good nest to lay eggs on. After 24 hours those eggs will hatch. And then those baby flies will search for surrounding food. The terrifying thing about this is that after 60 hours of coming out of its shell or cocoon, the females can lay eggs of up ...

Answered: are flies with green eyes, fruit flies?

Tough call. Check to see if they are carrying purses and buzz with a lisp. Uncle Frank

Answered: Fruits

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