what temperature do irrigation sprinkler pipes freeze?

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Answered: How high to install an underground sprinkler?

It depends on many factors like- Water pressure in pounds per square inch (psi) and Water service line size thus its must be place around 1 ti 2 foot for best results. It would be good if this work done according to professional advice that help you in great way to understand installation ...

Answered: How to start up an underground sprinkler system?

Do check for underground utilities before digging. Before you begin digging a hole must Call your local utility company for information. Also confirm your local municipal watering ordinances. Before purchase the right components, must determine your own specific:Water pressure in pounds per ...

Answered: Where i can find the pipe machine ?

there is one company may produce this machine, you can send email and ask them www.kescen.com my friend recommend this company

Answered: Irrigation sprinklers

Irrigation sprinklers are sprinklers providing water to vegetation, or for recreation, as a cooling system, or for the control of airborne dust. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irrigation_sprinkler http://hornetcentral.com.au/

Answered: Any advantage on installing sprinkler for irrigation ?

Install a sprinkler system to help keep your lawn and landscape attractive throughout the growing season. An automatic sprinkler system will also help to conserve water. Your system will disperse just the right amount of water on your specified lawn and garden areas, so water is not wasted. A ...

Answered: Will freezing temps kill the grass seed?

When temperatures dip below freezing , the leaves of Bermuda grass can suffer serious stress.
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The easiest way to fix a piece of PVC pipe is to use an expanding coupling, sometimes called a "slip fix" This can save a lot of digging time. sprinkler repair Georgetown TX

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