what stores carry jordache jeans for kids?

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Answered: Do you carry manual typewriters?

George, I don't know to whom your question is directed, but it wound up on AOL Answers. We are a community based question and answer site, not a retail store. However, I note that you are searching for a manual typewriter and you also wish to know if such a typewriter is still being manufactured ...

Answered: Leather furniture stores & las vegas. We ordered a ...

Leather sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, and sleep sofas are some of the popular outdoor furniture. Neoteric luxury is presenting a large collection of contemporary leather furniture for your outdoor, patio & garden area. http://neotericluxury.com

Answered: Perfect jeans for a broad shouldered, narrowed hips person

I really like Mossimo jeans. They have a great selection of styles for all different body types and they're very reasonably priced. (You can check them out at target.com)

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It really depends on airlines to airlines. I don't think there is any standard size..

Answered: Where did denim jeans originate from?

Town of Denim in the Burgundy region of Central France.
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