what stores carry jordache jeans for kids?

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You must put them on acid free paper. If you use plastic, not just any plastic. Get the kind that's used to store photos and comic books and the like. You have to use materials, no matter how you store them, which do not cause the paper or negatives to stain or deteriorate. They also need to be ...

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Answered: Where did denim jeans originate from?

Town of Denim in the Burgundy region of Central France.

Answered: Jeans for short and stumpy kids

Take them to your local Target store. They offer a variety of jean sizes that are very affordable. Good luck.

Answered: Carrie underwood

She was born on March 10, 1983.

Answered: Perfect jeans for a broad shouldered, narrowed hips person

I really like Mossimo jeans. They have a great selection of styles for all different body types and they're very reasonably priced. (You can check them out at target.com)
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