what store can I find Ted the teddy bear?

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Answered: Was the teddy bear invented in the USA or Germany?

It was invented in America and named after Teddy Roosevelt due to a popular cartoon of the time featuring him and two bear cubs. But they didn't become hugely popular until they started making them with great quality in Germany and exporting them here.

Answered: My daughter loves stuffed animals especially teddy ...


Answered: Teddy bears given as gifts to sick children

That's such an amazing idea. I did a project like this in high school. Let me know if you find her. I'd also like to help her.

Answered: Looking for a program that uses Teddy bears as therapy for battered women

I am sure that there are so many battered women's shelters in your area and so many therapy centers. What a great gift..very thoughtful. In the area that I live in, the police have a teddy bear in each car. There are lost or missing children and they have one in case they need to help a child. I ...

Answered: Build a bear - costume - patterns

You can buy at Amazon.com Bear - costume - patterns .
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