what steps can a medical assistant take to protect patients from injurt in the medical office?

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Answered: Medical assistance emergency

Medical assistants can also be assigned in emergency room. What does a medical assistant do in the ER is to take the vital signs or the patient and do initial assessment.

Answered: Medical assistants are in demand everywhere from ...

There might be some certifications that are still needed for you be able to enter the military as a medical assistant. You need to have something in your medical assistant job description that they will deem useful.

Answered: 5 duties to be done before new patient arrives at office

Everything needs to be ready. All the medical equipments should be ready for use. Franking machines UK | Franking machines | Visit Franking machines UK Blog

Answered: CMA verses RMA for medical assistant

Certified Medical Assistant goes to any minimum wage clown in any nursing home. They show NO expertise other than changing beds and scrubbing toilets. Registered Nurse is a Degreed Professional position, and is difficult to attain that license. RN's must serve internship and residency as do ...

Answered: Is there a demand for Medical Assistants

There might not be a demand right now, but medical assistant job description is a very useful asset to have.

Answered: Sample letter of how to apply for medical assisting internship

If you are looking for some sample of application letter you can find it here..hope this helps you http://www.writeletters.net/category/application-letter
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Monika D.

It is always the doctor's responsibility to look after his medical assistant and to also be held liable for any malpractice that occurred, either intentionally or unintentionally done. There are still procedures to follow but if you want to be educated about this type of issue, it would be best if ...

What are the educational requirements for Medical Assistants?

Although there are no formal educational requirements to be a medical assistant, I wouldn’t run the risk of entering the job market without proper qualifications in this economy. You can choose between a short-term vocational training program or a two-year college degree such as the Medical ...

If I am a CNA, can I apply for a Medical Assistant position? I know how

You know that is a good question and I wounder if it can work vise-versa such as an MA apply for a CNA position

Charging for copying medical records requested by Medicare patient for

In the State of Florida, they may charge for Medical Records, if YOU are obtaining for yourself. The amount is set as the same amount, any Judicial Court would charge as follows: $.10 per page for the first 15 pages, after that at $.25 per page. This is the latest information I can locate. It is ...