what states don't allow quaker parrots?

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Answered: Do Quakers whistle?

I found the answer very quick. Thank you very much.

Answered: How do you know you have parrots disease?

...and a chunk of Yeddar Cheddar!

Answered: My quaker parrot is 13 years old and he has become sluggish and his stool

Yes, you should take your bird to a vet to rule out any health issues. You should also be feeding your quaker Harrison's bird food .

Answered: Are parrots easily trained to obey simple commands ...

Here are two web sites that answer your question. Both agree that the African Grey is the easiest to train. http://www.african-grey-parrots.co.uk/blog/3-of-the-best-parrots-that-are-perfect-to-train/ http://www.parrotchronicles.com/departments/parrotindex.htm

Answered: What natural foods are harmfut to parrots?

High salty food is harmful to parrots. They cannot excrete salt the way we can.

Answered: Does the Bay State sound like the wrong name for Massachusetts? Bay state

Maybe it has nothing to do with climate and geography.
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