what state shouldABC Freightways file the lawsuit?

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Answered: How to file a civil lawsuit in the state of .Louisiana

Procedures are slightly different in most US states. I think it is best for you to consider talking to a lawyer in your area. You may also want to consider facts on how to file a lawsuit to be able to check on the standard guidelines and legal steps on how to take action on your problem. Hope ...

Answered: Do I need an attorney to file a civil lawsuit

I would considering hiring an attorney depending upon the size of the claim. If its for a few thousand I would file the claim through small claims court.

Answered: If I file a lawsuit and I die before the lawsuit is settled, will the

That's a tough one, if you die in result of the lawsuit, some situations would bring about a wrongful death case. Also, some states have different regulations. You can always get lawsuit loans if you are scared of passing as well.

Answered: How do i file against a attorney in a civil lawsuit

The best thing is to seek legal advice on what case to file against said lawyer. For unpaid monetary obligations, a collection suit may be filed.

Answered: Can I file a lawsuit against my ex's new wife for ...

Old post but: Your most appropriate remedy is to go against the ex (not his new wife that you don't like) ... because it is he (not her) that owed you and your child the court ordered child support ... you need to go back to that same court (in the case between you and him and to which she is NOT a ...
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Is a civil lawsuit the same as a medical malpractice lawsuit

Nope they are not the same, just as a medical malpractice lawyer jacksonville .

How long do I have to file a lawsuit for injury due to police

Varies state to state and you will not get far with it if you do not have an attorney. So, see a lawyer in your state (wherever it is) and after learning his fee, find out the statute of limitations to bring the suit. rob

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For every individual, the main priority in life is to fulfill their various dreams and wishes. However, it is not at all possible for all the individuals to execute their needs. The prime reason being that these borrowers financial condition does not support them in their endeavor. For these ...

What happens when both parties filed for divorce in the state in which

Both states will need to decide what happens and states have differant laws.The most important thing is do you have children and if so where they live is your trump card.Is there spousal support,deviding of property if nothing like that involved no big deal. But keep your options open in your state ...