what state require alcohol permits to transport?

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Answered: Is it agaisnt the law to transport alcohol for intent to sell from one

It is completly legal for a manufactuer or a distributor to transport alcohol from one state to another. This is almost always done by an 18 wheeler. The driver has to have the proper permits to do so though. It is only illegal when an individual purchases large quantities of liquor in a state ...

Answered: May I drive in other states with my learner's permit?

Yes, under the same rules that you have in your state. i.e. (with a licensed driver)

Answered: Is my permit valid in illinois?

I'm sorry but your question made me laugh. (Not in a mean way but it a cute way). A permit for what? Driving, owning a gun, to go fishing, to knock down a building? There are lots of permits but I'm guessing you ment to drive. If you mean driving then yes it is VALID but by law you must have it ...

Answered: How much alcohol leads to pancreatitis?

Not easy to answer as you want specifics on a generality. Alcohol alone doesn't necessarily create a problem (disease).. lifestyle, nutrition, environment also plays a role. Drinking hootch alone will not easilly lead to any disease but once it does catch you it's a bitch to get rid of. I would ...

Answered: Can i use my Washington state lerner's permit in Oregon and

I'm pretty sure learner's driving permits are only good in the issuing state. I'd suggest calling your local DMV in Washington to confirm this.
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