What state is ketamine most popular?

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Answered: Popular wyoming forests

the Kaibob national forest lands

Answered: In what state is sugar loaf

This is an interesting question, in a psychological/sociological sort of way. Someone says Sugarloaf and everybody thinks of something different. For me, it's in Brazil. For others it's somewhere else. Okay, it's a trivial thing, but I find it interesting. I had completely forgotten the band ...

Answered: Why can i not be treated out of state?

If the state is paying for your medical care, they can insist that you be cared for in the state.

Answered: Does the Bay State sound like the wrong name for Massachusetts? Bay state

Maybe it has nothing to do with climate and geography.

Answered: Does fentanyl patches 100mcg and ketamine interact ...

Mixing drugs is always dangerous. Mixing ketamine with anything is even more so. You're better off not playing with fire; be smart and avoid the ketamine.

Answered: Why is American football and baseball so popular in the United States?

Because they are great games, especially baseball and the only reason more people are watching soccer is becuase of all the foreigners. soccer needs to LEAVE america. we are the best country in the world and we should always have the best sports too. Soccer is for mostly third world countries like ...
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