What standard colors of wire would you use for a neutral on 120/208 Volt and 277/480 Volt three phase- four wire systems*?

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Answered: 4 6 volts _ I need 12 v output for auxillary device

You appear to have a 12 VDC system for your RV already. You have two sets of 6 volt batteries in series for 12 VDC in parallel with another pair to give the motor home more reserve electricity when you are not running the engine. Simply make your connection to one of the two negative posts ...

Answered: I have twelve 6 volt batteries how can I wire them so that I end up with

The answers given were excellent ! Especially the pictures... You should also consider getting a basic book on electricity and batteries, available at your local library, or even a Radio Shack store!

Answered: Is there a way to get 24 volts out of 3 12 volt bateries

Two 12 volt batteries in series (plus to minus) will give 24 volts. Two 6 volt batteries in series will give 12 volts. If you have four batteries, you can connect them in series pairs and put the pairs in parallel (plus to plus) to give more current capacity.

Answered: I tried starting my 6 volt, '55 Plymouth v-8 by ...

1st- Depending on the 6 volt CURRENT rating and the 12 volt " DEEP CYCLE " current, besides the connecting & HOW you connected the 12v to the 6 v. YES I would say that you "fryed" something!! " old battery started bubbling " means that the currunt\voltage transfer,movement exceded the handling ...

Answered: Why the total electr4ical system made only in three and single phase, why

single phase and three phase are primarily residential and light commercial.there are other phase systems for heavy industry.
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Charging 6 volt RV batteries

Y es you can. Leave them together and put positive on one battery and negative on the second battery and charge slowly

Extending radio battery life

JPS- I do not know of a reason why not. To be on the safest side, you might wish to inquire at your local Radio Shack. And if the salesman does not give you a straight up yes or no, then ask for the manager. JayR

120 volt charge conversion to 240 volt

No, you can't. None of that. Do not do it. It's dangerous. It takes a professional electrician. DO. NOT.