what sreet are the hookers on terre haute indiana?

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Answered: What is a pied a terre

A temporary lodging such as a short term rental.

Answered: Obama and the hooker

Rocmike aka American Patriot, where were you those 2 days none of your aliases were on line? You are back at full strength now though. After starting off with Mike Dudley you followed that with American Patriot, anonymous, a few minor alias and for the last 5 hours and still posting Bernard ...

Answered: 99 pair shoes Jon Lee Hooker

Just a friendly hint. These two questions should have been combined. Most people look at these starting with the most recent. Therefore, when I guessed Hobo Blues, I only found out that it was the wrong tune when I looked at your first, but later on the list, post.

Answered: Why did George Lucas outfit Indiana Jones with a ...

It's like Bones says, Lucas is a name that is associated with hit moves. What is the name Anonymouse associated with?

Answered: Did Hoosier pie originate in Indiana?

I guess it all depends on who you ask . There are some that say Hoosier Pie originally called Sugar Cream Pie did originate in Indiana with the Indiana pioneers , Quakers and Amish . Others say the Quakers and Amish brought it with them when they settled in Indiana . The pie is available state ...
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What is a pied a terre?

Literally translated--Foot on (the) ground. French. It's an expression for a secondary living space separate from a person's home. A more current expression might be "bachelor pad" or "private digs".

Wanted a free yorkie puppy in terre haute ,ind

Billie, I recommend going to your local shelter to find a suitable dog to adopt. Good luck!

Do you know what is Haute Couture fashions?

Haute couture (French for "high sewing" or "high dressmaking"; pronounced [o?t kuty?] ) refers to the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing . Haute couture is made to order for a specific customer, and it is usually made from high-quality, expensive fabric and sewn with extreme attention ...

Indiana manfacturer gun safes I have been told ...

I always start with a GOOGLE search.