What spices are in Jamaican Jerk?

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Answered: Ow is spice mi -422 , 3 g supported and how can video calling done

For video calling you will have to get it activated first from your subscriber and then you will have to activate it from your mobile settings.

Answered: Are there new forms of legal spice (herbal incense)

If you really want cheap herbal and potpourri products then definitely you must be check out following websites .They ship directly to your home. You don't need to go anywhere else. Please check out and give me feedback if it will be helpful for you buddy: http://www.potpourrideals.com http://www ...

Answered: What spices can i grow from home?

Some of the easy ones to grow at home are rosemary, basil, mint, chives, thyme, oregano.

Answered: Who wrote a jamaican poem with the first line saying tourist white man

The poet Evan Jones wrote the poem The Song of the Banana Man- Tourist white man wiping his face, Met me in Golden Grove Market place...

Answered: I'm new to cooking and was wondernig if anyone could give me a guide on

Check Internet. Theres an article you can print out and use as your guide. I prefer to use spices and herbs in my foods and tend to stay away from salt. I use Mrs. Dash instead. Hope this helps :)

Answered: Myoclonic jerks

Brahmi leaves are said to be a wonderful medicine for nerve related ailments. It is supposed to work as a nerve tonic. However, there could be other herbal remedies. Brahmi plants are available in most nurseries.
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What is 17 spice mix

Lawry's Salt-Free 17 Seasoning can be purchased in most supermarkets. The spices are are Black pepper, basil, oregano, celery seed, dill weed, sage, bay leaves & turmeric. The remaining ingredients are garlic, onion, carrots, citric acid, sesame seeds, red bell peppers, orange peel, parsley flakes ...

Do you know where I can purchase a Jamaican Betty Boop figurine

Hi there, You may want to try this company: http://www.choose-gifts.co.uk/ I have ordered from them in the past & have been really pleased. They have a around 50 Betty Boop figures so it may be worth a look. I'm not 100% sure if they post overseas (they are based in the UK) but I'm sure you can ...

What is the income of average jamaican family and may i have a breakdown

Median household income (per year) $43,886 Maybe this file might help: http://aysps.gsu.edu/publications/2004/alm/jamaica_individtax.pdf

What is the penalty for over taken on jamaican roads

If caught fees can be about $10,000 jmd and appearance in court