What sort of guidelines do they need to know about when making friends (think body language, tone, etc)?

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Answered: Some say that men have fewer body language sign than women. is this

Men don't communicate much using body language while women on the other hand are like secret services, everything is done carefully and with a plan.

Answered: Article on skin infection guidelines

You can follow the link below for guidelines of prevention skin infection .. http://www.defensesoap.com/preventing-skin-infections.html

Answered: Your question... What dose it mean when a person looks down at the floor

They are uncomfortable speaking in front of a group. Also, they may not feel confident about what they are saying (meaning not enough preparation) or confident in the honesty of what they are presenting. Eye contact is very important. When people avoid looking directly at me when speaking to me ...

Answered: What dose it mean when a person looks down at the floor when giving a

Several possibilities: 1. Low self esteem. 2. Hiding something. 3. Telling a lie. 4. Doesn't feel comfortable. 5. Not sure that what he is saying is really true. 6. Has "public fear". 7. Is very shy. 8. Doesn't want to see someone (of those 10 people). 9. Wants to concentrate. 10 ...

Answered: I planned permanent hair removal, but my friend is stopping me because he

There are tons of hair removal methods like laser, shaving, waxing, sugaring and other similar hair removal techniques. There are various ways to get rid of unwanted hair from your face and body ranging from home remedies which do not have side-effects. This product that will show you how to create ...

Answered: Help you to get toned and impressive body

You are promoting a commercial product - you have asked no question.
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