what song did they sample?

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Answered: Sample box from target is empty who do i contact

Since it's from Target you obviously contact WalMart. Duh!

Answered: Song called Still in love with you, I heard it on ...

Are you sure it wasent still into you by the band parMore?

Answered: Song verse, So be careful, becareful, Love sneaks up on you, like a thief

I think it might be Bonnie Ratt - Love Sneaking Up On You The lyrics is a bit different in the be careful part, but it says don't worry, maybe you just messed it up a bit. Anyway, hope I helped.

Answered: Old gospel song Jesus the Nazarene

I hope the gospel song give me the word.

Answered: What are a couple good sites for free samples for baby?

Hi Johnny, I like checking out freebie sites when I have free time which isn't all that often these days some of my favorites are listed below - enjoy! Traveling Girl
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Going back home song

'Cause we just made it up? Uncle Frank

Stop pain now free sample???

Samples can be in the form of advice - what to look for, or maybe the relationship between office manager, dental assistant, hygienist and the dentist. Hint...In multiple practices ( more than one dentist) there can be a noticeable lack of communication. Now was that better than a free tube of tooth ...

Need to know where I can find samples notices ...

All forms are on line to print out at DMV

Payment for Music

I think you could ask for a percentage. Lets say the album costs 20 US Dollars, consists of 10 songs, of which 1 is yours. So your song is worth 2 US Dollars. Because they sell your song as their own work, I think you can ask for lets say 30% of the benefit of the one song that comes from you. With ...