What song did Nick Jonas dedicate to his grandfather who passed away?

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Answered: Nick jonas

in another year or so all this will blow over, as i said. i remember when i was all in love with nsync and backstreet boys, then a few years go by and its some new band everyones all over.

Answered: Who is nick jonas dateing

i don't think he is dating anyone but i heard he was dating Jordan Purrit.

Answered: Nick jonas

google it.

Answered: Is Taylor Launter or Nick Jonas hotter?

No contest.... TAYLOR all the way!!!

Answered: Whos Nick J dating is it still Selena Gomez?

Below is what I found on The Internet Movie Database for you. Following his alleged split from rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas is wasting no time to embark on a new love relationship as he reportedly is dating Radio Disney star Jordan Pruitt. Breaking the news on the twosome's romance ...
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Hannah montana and nick jonas

Here is an article that says that one magazine claimed that the two have split up. I'm not sure if we can rely on just one magazine though.

Miley and Nick Jonas Duet?

IF Disney IS making them sing a duet when they TOTALLY know that they are exes, then no it's not fair. BUT if the 2 of them WANT to do the duet and will work together without any problems, then yeah, it's fine. P.S. People, the picture they are showing was taken when the two of them were actually ...

Nick and Selena still dating?

According to People.com, they are no longer dating.

Jonas Bro's taking their women with!

It might seem like a good idea but it could backfire, especially if one of them breaks up.