what song did bruno mars sing at 2012 grammys?

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Answered: Francesco Bruno unforgotten.

I did not know that he was that hard to find. When one is burned to death for proclaiming the truth it is rather difficult to forget him. Of course this is the focal point of most of the mentions of him in history. Perhaps he is hard to find because his first name was not Francesco. Try ...

Answered: 70's song gotta get up to get down get your booty on the floor

Might be a couple different ones. The first one is from 1971, the late great Harry Nilsson. The other one I recall is by Coolio. (not my fav) See comments

Answered: Who is your favorite Grammy nominee?

I have no idea who the most promising talent of the year would be, but I do know, that I posted a non question awhile back, and it was a dedication, to my husbandthis was the song. This ones for you again Mr. Kisser~from the lil' Mrs.

Answered: French song

I think Arlo Guthrie did. Or maybe I did. I'm not sure. I forgot. signed- Glenn Campbell
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