what song came from the mix "Hey Dj are you done mixing yet" 80's?

what song came from the mix "Hey Dj are you done mixing yet" 80's?

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Answered: How can i learn how to be dj?

I feel, you need to posses a good interest in DJing and music in order to become a professional DJ. If you have interest, you will certainly mix good music and thats what a DJ does.

Answered: I rely on baking mixes for busy times of the year ...

You can doctor up cake mixes successfully. Have you ever seen or used the 'Cake Doctor' cookbook?

Answered: Dj mix spanish salasa batacha reggie etc....

I'm sorry I don't understand your question.

Answered: Mixed Signals?? GUYS Advice needed or girls

It is clear that you want him. I learned in the hard way that if you want something better be pro-activeand "help" that somethin to happen. No use to sit and hope that what you want will happen. Take the initiative and "help" it happen. Tell him what you want and what you feel. The best way to ...
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I think you need to have a special program to do this.

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Song from the 80's

One Bad Apple by the Osmonds I can tell you've been hurt by that look on your face, girl. Some guy brought sad into your happy world. You need love, but you're afraid that if you give in, someone else will come along and sock it to ya again. One bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch, girl ...

An 80s song with a barking dog?

Cool, thanks paul!