What song are lyrics :sailor boys has talked to me in English, Sailor boy has told me what to say. sailor boy has talked to me in English. Now I know?

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Answered: My grandfater grew up in the sailors home for boys ...

I find the best place to look is www.ancestry.com gather all the information you have like birth day and death date and location (county and state) you could find him there.

Answered: Song...


Answered: A Boy

BE yourself

Answered: Boys

usually neon colors. i like to wear neon leggings. lots of people notice and compliment. it's pretty cool.

Answered: Can you please help me with my boy troubles?

Hi iittssavaa93, We have all been there in a similar situation I'm sure, where we like someone but feel they do not like us back. However, you may be wrong about this boy liking your friend and he may simply see her as a friend. If you really like this boy, I would suggest simply staying as you are ...

Answered: Boys, boys, boys.

Hi my dear friend Equus, ------ Just wanted to say that I loved your answer ! (2 thumbs up). There is a nice saying in Hebrew: "Not all what glitters is Gold".... I am sure there is an equivalent (or similar) in English !.... ---------- Best regards,
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