what skills do archaeologists have?

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Answered: Is infra red technology being used by archaeologists?

Generally, Infrared technology is being used in military and civilian devices. The major military devices are night vision, homing and tracking, surveillance etc., Its also being used in scientific research and development work. It also used in some of the non military devices such as remote ...

Answered: Listening skills

there is no quick way to master it.you must do more listenning excrise. see more:laptop battery

Answered: Strong phone & f/u skills. what does the f/u skills mean

After thinking about it, you are right, it is follow up skills.

Answered: Skills vs Money?

It's just game of mind and your skills.

Answered: Can doctors bill for services at Skilled Nursing facilities

Doctor costs are not part of the services provided by the nursing home. It would be similar to doctors in the hospital. They bill separately in many cases. If the patient is on Medicare it would be submitted there first and then to the responsible party. Medicade would pay for the entire cost ...

Answered: Learning New Skills

I counsel job seekers all over to get and improve their skills. It is part of the job search whether looking for a job or looking for a better job . Skills is what employers want first. Then they want fit. You need both. I see in this article it is mostly about computer skills like ECDL ...
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Is God a poor multi-tasker and bad at delegating ...

It proves he exists and is a man.

What are the basic communication skills

I would say empathy is also one of the basic tenets of communication. It's all well and good to be able to listen to people and speak to them. But you can't truly interact with them unless you can understand where they are coming front.

Is writing simply a natural skill or is it an ...

Writing is a skill that can be learned, like any other. See http://www.Be-a-Better-Writer.com for pages and pages of free writing lessons and tips. Developing writing skills to the level of art may require some inherent talent, but anyone can learn rules and write successfully. I often work with ...

What will happen if a hotel manager has poor interpersonal skills

Well, I don't think he would be effective in managing the people if he has poor communication skills. One important skill a manager should possess is a good communication skill to be able to communicate with his people in an effective way.