What size wire and circuit breaker do you need for a 4.5 KW heater?

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Answered: Circuit breakers If I hold the external switch on a circuit breaker, can

Ask some professional to solve this issue .. May there is some issue ion circuit board. If you are looking to design a new printed circuit board for it so go with ruspcbco.uk

Answered: Residential home......accident caused circuit to go "dead" without

You might have a ground fault interrupter (GFI) that tripped at the socket. But more likely the short circuit melted the wires between the breaker and the 5 outlets. You need an electrician to replace the damaged wires.

Answered: Circuit breaker compatibility

Sorry, I have no idea what the differences are.

Answered: When circuit breaker wont reset i plugged in a ...

forget it I called an electrician and it wasn't that receptical that was tripping the circuit breaker. It was in my hood to the stove.

Answered: Circuit Breaker

Dear Friend, no sooner the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) trips or goes off, first of all put off all the equipments connected to the MCB, including light switches also, if connected. Then put on the MCB and start putting on the equipments one by one . no sooner u put on a switch of a equipment or ...

Answered: Locking devices on old 220 circuit breakers

That breaker is the worst breaker I everheard. You mean it cannot be tripped. If something going wrong with your electrical circuit then you cannot stop it because your breaker has been locked. Replacement would be the solution and for safety.
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I have a circuit breaker that keep triping off, what causes this and how

Put a wooden frame aroud it then screw all sides of it. Then cover it with non conductor material such as plywood or any. The frame layout will serve as your breaker body.

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In NZ when working out what size breaker to use for an outlet circuit we allow for 8-10 amps per outlet, and for 75% of these to be used on full load. Based on this I would probably reccomend 3 to 4 max, outlets for that size circuit breaker. Obviously if you were using low drain appliances it would ...

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power bank may be a good choice, it is portable and easy to carry. Hope Vipstech can help you!

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The only hydronic baseboard heaters I've ever seen are connected to a central heat source that uses various fuels to generate hot water. The hot water is then pumped through a pipe to the baseboard radiators. The only wiring is at the central heat source. The short answer is: there is no wiring ...