what size quilt does one jelly roll make?

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Answered: Fabric size

An average is 30 5" pieces, but as Judy said; they can run from 4", to 6 1/2"

Answered: Quilting

Yes Judy, we make quilts.

Answered: Ok everything I bring up in my browser comes up miniture how do I get

Have you tried pressing Ctrl and + at the same time? If you haven't, press Ctrl first and hold on to it as you press the "+" sign. Then, keep tapping "+" while still holding on to Ctrl until you get the size you desire. (You can zoom out by doing the same process, but by pressing "-" instead of "+ ...

Answered: What size to make the squares for a scrappy quilt

The biggest reason to make a scrappy quilt is to use up leftover fabrics. Quilters tend to make creative use of any and all pieces of fabric...nothing goes to waste. Sort your fabrics by value. Pair the lightest fabric of each color with the lightest fabric of coordinating color and continue ...

Answered: I need to find jelly rolls for quilt making. I have checked out so many

I think you can check out straw.com or even ebay.com However I would suggest you to check out with the local stores if they can arrange to bring one for you. Blanket
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Well, the thing is Faye, you don't want to make a Jelly Roll with just 1 fabric. Most Jelly Rolls have quite an array of fabrics. Let's say most rolls have about 42 or 44 strips. There are usually about 10 or 12 different fabrics in a roll, so that would mean you'd have about 4 strips that are the ...

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