what size line does johnson graphite century lite 125 vintage fishing reel use?

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Answered: Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is the sport related to catch the fish,surf fishing is catching the fish from the sea beach.Fish surfers usually use some specific location for catching the fish like sandy and rocky beaches,surfcasting is also a term that is relevant to the surf fishing.

Answered: Fishing Reels

You can read about the various spinning reels here... Reels for Spinning

Answered: can i use heavy line in my small baitcasting reel??

Experiment with it. You'll lose performance and it won't hold as much line as you go up in weight. I have used alot heavier line that they call for with decent results. But I'm usually fishing for catfish and flathead in Iowa rivers. Good luck.

Answered: I have a skeet Reese victory spinning reel with ...

If your reel is new, or almost new, you probably need new line. As braided line is used, the coating wears away, and friction between the line and the bail increases. When that happens, the line may not glide over the bail to fully seat on the roller. This is only my opinion, I think monofilament ...

Answered: What is the best fishing rod and reel for catfish?

This is a very debatable topic, but several fisherman that catfish seriously, seem to favor a Penn or an ABU Garcia round reel types. They choose these types because of their great strength for pulling in some heavyweight catfish. For smaller cats, (less than 5 pounds) if it feels good, casts good ...

Answered: How do I pick the right Fishing Rod and Reel?

Read what both the professionals have to say as well as what is written on the various blogs. There is so much information out there, and there are so many people that are willing to share there knowledge, just start asking. The more specific you can be, the better.
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What is a good rod and reel for huge carp?

i like to use ugly stick for rod. And for reel i like to use us reel. For amazing fishing product go to http://mylegendainformation.com .

Is there such a thing as black fishing line?

It is called spider wire. One of its features is that it is extremely strong.

What would be good to use for largemouth bass in the beginning of

Early in the season, when water temps are still cool and fish metabolism is slower, live bait is best. Nightcrawlers, minnows, salamanders, etc. Just from my own experience, a small leopard frog is the very best. Later, as water warms, top water plugs (noisy like maybe a Jitterbug) fished ...

Purchased a electrmate 620xp elec reel .I am ...

If you ask me, electric reels are the cheater's way to fish. I go after fish with muscle. It is a lot like using crossbows in hunting: it just isn't the sportsman's way!