what size handles are good for kitchen cabinets?

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Answered: Base cabinets height and width. the contractor ...

You're welcome. I agree, this is a great site.

Answered: Fair (average) cost to resurface cabinets? Am I being hosed?!?

I think that's extremely expensive. You can remodel and get brand new cabinets and a counter top for that price! You can do it yourself for much less: http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/repair/kitchen-cabinet-resurfacing.htm

Answered: What can I expect to pay a contractor to install ...

Prices vary dramatically from area to area. I've designed kitchens from Maine to North Carolina - I never expect to know the answer. Get AT LEAST three estimates. If the prices vary too much, get a couple more. Avoid anything way cheaper than the norm....... and hire the guy you like the most ...

Answered: Thermofoil cabinet laminate removal.

Pick at the corners untill you can get a grip on it and slowly pull it off. Lightly sand the mdf, prime and paint.

Answered: What kitchen cabinets and trim do older people prefer?

I think it could go either way. If you choose a trim, make sure it is simple and not too gaudy so that you can be more flexible with your decorations. I think lighter maple kitchen cabinets would look nice.

Answered: We are getting ready to do a small amount of ...

I would recommend using a latex based paint because it is a little easier to wipe off than a flat paint would be. Also remember you don't HAVE to use white you could use a color that wouldn't show stains and drips so easily like a tan or even a darker color.
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Habitat for Humanity may take them. Or list on Craig's list to sell.

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