what size handles are good for kitchen cabinets?

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Answered: What kitchen cabinets and trim do older people prefer?

I think it could go either way. If you choose a trim, make sure it is simple and not too gaudy so that you can be more flexible with your decorations. I think lighter maple kitchen cabinets would look nice.

Answered: Thermofoil cabinet laminate removal.

Pick at the corners untill you can get a grip on it and slowly pull it off. Lightly sand the mdf, prime and paint.

Answered: We are getting ready to do a small amount of ...

I would recommend using a latex based paint because it is a little easier to wipe off than a flat paint would be. Also remember you don't HAVE to use white you could use a color that wouldn't show stains and drips so easily like a tan or even a darker color.

Answered: Cabinets are an integral part of any house and the ...

Typically your kitchen counters should finish out at 36"+/- (depending on counter top material used and installation method) and the upper cabinets tend to be about 18"+/- above the counter tops. So that would (theoretically) put the bottom of your upper cabinets at about 54"+/- off the floor.

Answered: I have some issues with my kitchen and I want to buy a kitchen sink

I think you may get it easily from you local market or if you don't have any idea how to purchase then may order from online store as per in USA I most people’s like me are using online stores as builderoutletusa.com for ordering kitchen appliances.

Answered: Painting kitchen cabinets

Sanding-you are going to leave deep grooves that will be visible if you go with the coarse grits. Personally, I would not go below 100 grit. Primer- indoor latex. Painting- is spraying a possibility? JayR
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How do I find a kitchen cabinet dealer to buy cabinets from for my

You need a cabinet line that is set up for dealers and is set up to order a simple total package, the installation on the job site should be painless. The service work can nickle and dime you into bankruptcy. Use the KISS method.Take the time and investment and visit the shop, see how the operation ...

Repairing Kitchen Cabinets

I looked around our basement and found several items that my husband has used in the past: wood filler product: Minwax, Elmers Carpenter's, DAP water putty wood patch: Bondex If it's a large corner chip, my husband drills a few small holes and inserts toothpick pieces before filling in the ...

Base cabinets height and width. the contractor ...

You're welcome. I agree, this is a great site.

Fair (average) cost to resurface cabinets? Am I being hosed?!?

I think that's extremely expensive. You can remodel and get brand new cabinets and a counter top for that price! You can do it yourself for much less: http://home.howstuffworks.com/home-improvement/repair/kitchen-cabinet-resurfacing.htm