what size furnace for 1600 sq. foot house?

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Answered: Shed sizes

Hey Eva or Sonny - OronD is right, it really could be any size. I found a solid tool to help choose a shed size some time ago. It allows you to choose the items you want to put in, rather than basing it just on size. It's branded, but the sizes are pretty generic if you'd like to buy some other ...

Answered: TIME REQ. to paint 540 sq. foot RM.?

Brush, roller or sprayer? How much masking do you have to do? Ceiling, too? One coat or two? Don't ask a question unless you're willing to give some details.

Answered: What is the cause of a loud bang a couple minutes before my high

I had smoke coming from my unit once but thank God I was wearing asbestos underwear at the time.

Answered: What are the advantages of a hot air furnace

I offer my congratulations on your perceptiveness.

Answered: Gas furnace that will not stop running. Thermostat set at 70 degrees and

It is possible that the thermostat has already turned off, but the blower keeps running for a few minutes until the furnace cools down and isn't giving warm air any more.

Answered: After knee replacenent surgery develop drop foot. No nerves where cut

Compression of the nerve (or other damage) can cause drop foot.
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Avg cost to rewire a 1600 sq ft 1 story house in no. Calif?

I do not believe that there is a credible answer to this question. I would not venture to offer a price without seeing such a job in person. You have not even said whether or not replacing the panel is included. I would simply get several estimates from local electrical contractors.

Low income programs to help with furnace. My God ...

In what city is your daughter located?

What size runner for 35 foot hall?

Ma'am, how wide is your hallway? If you have pretty hard wood you want to leave some of that exposed. Best advice is 6" on the sides exposed of the existing flooring, on length probably not more than 32'.