what size crimp bead for .45 mm beading wire?

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Answered: Bead Jewelry Makers

Count us, EcuadorianHands.com directly from Manta, Ecuador. We use ecofriendly beads, tagua beads, seed bead

Answered: Flat Beading

I think what you are describing is bead embroidery. Peyote isn't added to fabric at all. If you google bead embroidery instructions, you should find a bunch of help.

Answered: I need help with beading

For cord with out a needle .Cut the end diagonaly and put some glube on the end ,make into a sharp point,let the glue dry. I have done this . Hope it works for you.

Answered: Antique beaded purses

Antique stores. Hunt for them the old fashion way.

Answered: How do I find a small metal fish bead or charm for "The story of

you can get a Christian Fish Italian charm at www.ItalianCharms.com . this may not work.
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The poster above me needs a good crutch to the head. S/he is a very sick person. Ignore "it."

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hmmm good question. Walmart used to have them. But they have been revamping their craft and fabric section so im not sure about that place anymore. Jo-ann's fabrics definatly does. Heres a link http://www.joann.com/joann/search/search_results.jsp?CATID=cat1110&keywords=beaded+trimm&notMail=true ...

Beading supply question

I think you may be looking for chatons which have an X on the back the thread goes through and usually a crystal stone on the front. They come in lots of sizes. I have ordered them from Firemountain Gems online. another way to do the same thing is to use double thread and when you cross over, just ...