what side was tupacs nose pierced?

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Answered: How Long Do Nose Bumps From Piercings Last? How Do I Get Rid Of It?

Hi Citrine1, luckily it doesn't look that bad...just a little bump that I find unattractive. The tea tree oil hasn't been helping like I've read up on, so I think you're exactly right when you say that the oil will just cause it to become infected. Thanks so much for the reply...I appreciate it! :)

Answered: Can you get your nose done at age 14 in vermont?

If you want to know you should google it. But some shops wont even do it with a parent there or to sign. Because I know you have to be 18 to get it done yourself. I've had my nose pierced 2 months and I am 12. But my dads best friend is a piercer and he did it. I am getting 3 cartlege piercings for ...

Answered: Whats piercing hurts least??

All kinds of piercing usually hurts a little bit..But you can still have a safe piercing by following specific guidelines..First you should go for standardized piercing experts shops..Check for the instruments they are using whether it is sterilized or not.. After that, have a look at the artist how ...

Answered: I have 9 piercings. ( 4 in each ear, and my belly ...

I have my nose professionaly pierced and I am 12. I have had mine for 2 months and mine didn't hurt at all. But my dads best friend did it (he is a piercer) and it was only 10$. I just asked my dad and he said okay but I did say it's my nose plz. He said I know thats why i am letting yo get it. But ...

Answered: when your piercing is still in the healing process is it okay to be in

Well, it's a little iffy, but I can't see too much risk. If you're worried, try to find some clear latex bandages. Put a little piece of gauze over the actual piercing (you don't want the latex to stick to the piercing, dig) then put a large enough latex sheet over that to cover the entire area. It ...

Answered: Infected nose tip after craniotomy

Have you considered asking your surgeon?
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I don't think the levels of risk are any higher when you're pregnant, unless you get your belly button or clitoris pierced, then there might be some weirdness. I'd consult my doctor if I were you...

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during pregnancy you can go for piercing over face

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