What Should I Do For My Spayed Female Dog Her Vulva Is Swollen?

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Answered: Swelling of the female dog vulva

Yes it does.you can tell when she goes into heat because it does start to swell every time

Answered: We have a female cat that has been spayed for ...

with these signs of being in heat but they are not, will there middle part get fat and one nipple swelled out

Answered: After spayed

The dog can not go through heat cycle again as it has been spayed. for more infomation on spaying and dogs in season click here .

Answered: When a dog gets spayed does she have a scare where they opened her

Yes but eventually the scar fades and you don't notice it nor does it give her any problems

Answered: What care is needed after being spayed?

After a cat is spayed it will need to kept in an "closed area" - inside: such as a bathroom or small room or best - in a cage for several days. This is so you can keep an easy watch on the animal and place a neck collar on it - if the cat starts to lick or pull at the stitches.. Also being in a ...

Answered: Why the heck should i get my "inside" cats spayed?

Because if you don't they will start to pee around your home to let the males know where they are at,then the males will start to spray aroundthe out side of your home.Not to mention all the howling that will go on.Good-luck
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That would certainly depend on if your dog was male or female.

Spayed dog

Both of the previous answers are correct. However, you have to be careful about "stray" animals. They could have rabies or just be in a position for getting hurt or killed by larger predators or autos, etc. If you don't know this wandering puppy, I suggest you call animal control. They will put ...

Spaying dogs

I am not a vet, but have worked in the veterinary field for many years. To answer the question "Can a dog in heat be spayed?". Yes, she can be spayed even while in heat, but most veterinarians would prefer to wait til she is at least 8 weeks post-estrus. While she is in heat, the blood flow to ...

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Your bitch puppy could come into season any time from now till 12months more likely in the next month, but do not breed on her first season it's not good for her.