what should a mary kay invitation say?

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Answered: Can I resell unused mary kay products back to Mary Kay if I am not a

You can sell your unused un open products back to Mary Kay. You can call the consultant number and request the needed info to sell it back to the company.

Answered: How do I find mary kay consultant?

I am a consultant and would love to help! www.marykay.com/jennifersaso

Answered: Mary Kay Letourneau

Anyone, under certain circustances, might do anything.

Answered: Mary Kay Letourneau

Mary Kay obviously has some sort of mental disorder. My sympathy goes out to her children, especially the ones from her first marriage.

Answered: Mary kay flyers

Very few people want to see flyers in public places. It may be illegal in your city to post them on utility poles, on street signs, and in parks. Shopping centers don't want your flyers. The library bulletin board probably does not accept commercial flyers. College campuses may have public ...

Answered: Mary kay letourneau

Yes they are still married and I believe have had another child (their second child together, Mary Kay's sixth).
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