what sharks live the longest?

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Answered: What is the purpose of hammer head sharks

Same as us humans - to eat, to live, and to reproduce.

Answered: Sharks

Domain is probably a good name for a sharks home.

Answered: Is it cool?

My Wife has to do a loan shark in B.J.'s & fucks till the debt is repaid. That just covers the interest of the loan.

Answered: What is the website address for shark water?

The website for shark water is www.sharkwater.com.

Answered: How long is the longest shark in the world?

Great white sharks have been reliably measured as long as 21 feet. From time to time there are reports of estimated 25 foot sharks. The longest whale shark was 41 feet. Whale sharks and basking sharks are filter feeders like baleen whales, and no threat to humans.

Answered: What is the longest current bus route of King County Metro?

I think you can find the answer to your question here .
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