what school supplies does a student need for high school in polk county?

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Answered: Wouldn't it be great to get the school list at the ...

Our school does this as a fundraiser with Staples! The teachers submit a list of supplies for the following school year, and parents can place orders over the summer. The bulk order brings down the prices, and anything extra paid is used by the PTO for student programs! The best part is that we ...

Answered: County records horn school 1978 high school diploma

Wiplomaere can i fine 1978 high school diploma

Answered: Placement test after dual enrollment for high school students

Probably not, if it was a comprehensive exam for a Community College. But some of these state run schools often foul up, sometimes intentionally, trying to rip off the unknowing. Take someone who "knows the ropes" with you and demand to see first rate college counselor.

Answered: High school

You obviously aren't there yet.

Answered: where can i find free school supplies for kids in cleveland,ohio ?

Hi Vicki , Below is a link and contact information for Cleveland Kids In Need . They have a program available that can help you . http://clevelandkidsinneed.org/ Cleveland Kids In Need Resource Center 3631 Perkins Avenue Cleveland, OH 44114 216-361-0840 -or- barbara@clevelandkidsinneed ...

Answered: Mcdowell county wv high schools

I found a list of McDowell County schools: http://wvde.state.wv.us/ed_directory/?county_id=60 Of those, the high schools are Big Creek, Iaeger, Mount View, River View. There are some private schools that might include high school.
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