what rocks are from fracking?

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Answered: Rocks

Igneous rocks are also formed when volcanoes erupt, causing the magma to rise above the earth's surface. When magma appears above the earth, it is called lava. Igneous rocks are formed as the lava cools above ground.

Answered: How to remove gold from small rocks

Four processes await you, three are utterly nasty and one is safe. 1. Mercury amalgamation. Powder the ore very finely (face powder fine) and add enough water to the powder to make a thin slurry. Add about a pound of mecrcury to fifty pounds of rock in the slurry. Agitate with a paint mixer on ...

Answered: Types of Rocks

1. To dance 2.To make you happy 3.To enjoy clever lirics and art only rock can inspire

Answered: How many years has PA had fracking?

Anonymous Question: How many years has PA had fracking? "Fracking" (Fracture hydraulic mining) has been a popular method for extracting soluble ores, natural gas, and water for the last 100 years. In the old days we used gas-flame and oxyacetylene boring in certain strata as we could gas-sample ...
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