what religion in mark burnett?

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Answered: What religion was observed before Islam?

The cult that immediately preceded Islam was the Moloch Cult. It was a barbarian cult that demanded the burning alive of young parents' firstborn sons. The only difference is now they die in suicide bombs instead of ovens -- like those at Auschwitz-Birkanau. Muslims deny that the Holocaust took ...

Answered: How old is the Catholic religion?

Peter made mistakes, Jesus Christ did not. There have been many Popes since the time of Christ and I am sure they all made mistakes. From the crusades thru theology. This is not to put down the importance of the Pope, that would be the same as saying Peter was not useful to the growth of ...

Answered: What is your opinion , Hard Comparison between The Three main religions

You might as well believe hard core pornography as the Koran. The difference is that with pornography you are looking at girls in the nude and the Koran you are asked to kill them. So much for Islam, if they are that prudish.

Answered: What is your opinion , Hard Comparison between The Three main religions

My stared opinion is that we must look at what these people do to see what they actually believe. Considering the reprobate actions of Muslims and their incoherent beliefs, I'd say that Islam is a cult that has outlived its fanaticism. Besides, there is no rational case that would support Islam ...

Answered: I was contacted by God the master scientist with ...

The path to God and Salvation has been paved for us right here by Esteemed Reverend Cooper, Deacon Dixon and Brother T-Man Tony. Heathens and Satanists, change your wicked ways!!!
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