what religion has candlelight service for christmas?

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Answered: Which religions do not believe in insurance ex:Am,ish

Islam regards insurance as gambling.

Answered: Since Christmas started 4000 years ago and ...

It wasn't Christmas until ca. 325 AD--started by Emperor Constantine. http://www.allaboutjesuschrist.org/emperor-constantine-faq.htm

Answered: Religion

The Five Pillars of Islam (pillars of the religion ") are five basic acts in Islam , considered mandatory by believers and are the foundation ofMuslim life. They are summarized in the famous hadith of Gabriel . They make up Muslim life, prayer, concern for the needy, self purification and the ...

Answered: Christmas list ideas 13 year old girls? HELP?

tell her the kind of stores you like to shop at. She should then ask the girls there what they are into. What are you interests. Art. Music. Reading. Writing. Clothes. Sports. When I bought Guilt certificates.

Answered: Should we let atheists end Christmas?

Atheists have always been utterly disagreeable. No one tolerates their games, double standards, or deception. Atheists are the reason hell exists, because atheists are so disagreeable that there is nothing else to do with them. So, what happens after they arrive and begin grating on each others ...

Answered: Merry Christmas to those few who post with a sense of humor keeping us

TrueIowan does not do Christmas. He does RAPTURE!!! Merry Rapture to TrueIowan and the rest of the Thumpers!!
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