what race has been the majority throughout most of the U.S. history?

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Answered: History Repeats Itself. Or does it?

Atheists do not ask us not to believe in God. They demand that we absolutely abandon all that He asked us to do. He asked us to be charitable, kind to one another, and fair in our dealings. Atheists make all their dirty money on vice and that dear friends is intolerable. Would you want your ...

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Pretty interesting sounding stuff

Answered: What was ray harroun's cause of death in 1968

Achmed Ray Haroun was an accountant in London, and bored himself to death.

Answered: Delete history

Hi Gene: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Clear History (cache, cookies, footprints, etc.)

Answered: How many major oil leaks from rigs in gulf of mexico

I don't know how many in total, but with the latest one being one of the biggest ever to date it's almost irrelevant. The damage once this hits the shore is going to be huge.
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