what qualifications do you have that make you think that you will be successful?

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Answered: Should Hillary Clinton be unelectable because she ...

She doesn't have ideas, she has slogans. Hmmmm?

Answered: What does it mean when you think of something and it comes true??

Coincidence. Something is predicatable and it went as you predicted. It's called insight. Now, what about when you dream about something and it comes true? Scene by scene? Or have deja vu constantly?? And you -know- you've been in that spot before? I hate it. I know it's a tipping point. I know that ...

Answered: Will my qualifications be recognised overseas as a building and civil

Yes, it may. But can you specify what are your qualifications like certifications, recognitions you have received?

Answered: What are qualifications for a veteran?

What is the reason for which you want to get a veteran's status? I am asking because it will help me answer your question and get you the information you want.
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What are the three steps of critical thinking ...

These steps comprise the bulk of critical thought. 1. What is going on around me? Look beyond the apparent for the underlying rationale -- who may have planned it, and why. Example: you are in a combat situation and you are suddenly confronted with visible traps and those certain to be hidden ...


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Traits of Successful People

The traits of successful people are: intelligence, self-starter, inner motivated, team-builder, follow 80/20 rule, goal/vison-future oriented, risk taker, self-disciplined, decision maker, rear-view mirrow, resources (money or people), belief.

What is imperative thinking?

Imperative thinkig and critical thinking are alike in one regard: we dismiss all that is irrational or emotional and concentrate on the task at hand. What am I supposed to be doing? Here we concentrate on the imperative. How should I go about it? Here we concentrate on the pragmatic. What are ...