what punctuation follows the word head in the header?

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Answered: Word puzzle - 1st 2 letters = man, next 3 letters = woman, next 4 letters

Heroines. he=man, her=woman, hero=great conqueror

Answered: MS Headers

Hi Sandy, I'll suggest what might be the easiest thing first. I'm still using Word 2002 & here's how to do it on that, in the hope that it's similar in Word 2007: On the menu bar, click File --> page setup. Click the Layout tab & under 'Headers & Footers' click the box next to where it says ...

Answered: Are the free word processing programs safe?

Yes, they are. I suggest open office.

Answered: Punctuation correction please:

Thank you very much - have forgotten some of the basic rules of punctuation.
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The comma seems to be the best option.

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By now, you know this is not the type of header the question is about? Not same subject. You can buy shorty plugs and smaller wire connectors for the plugs, bringing the wire in closer to the block. Also put a heat insulator on the plug wire. These sound like the wrong header for your application ...

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I have pasted the sentence below and underlined the changes. Hope this helps! As we cooperate daily with God, we will find that by being deeply rooted in Him, our spirits, like cedar trees, will retain their vitality and strength no matter what the conditions of our aging bodies. This indeed is a ...

Need help with punctuation of this sentence: But Kumani who could be

Thank you very much. I have others I am struggling with. I am trying to help someone who has written a book to edit before she sends in to publisher for printing.