what professions use empirical probability?

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Answered: Probability

Assuming the probability of having a girl is 0.5, there are probabilities of 0=1/256, 1=8/256, 2=28/256, 3=56/256, 4=70/256, 5=56/256, 6=28/256, 7=8/256, 8=1/256. So 5 or more is 56+28+8+1/256 = 93/256 = .3633.

Answered: "Or" probability questions

I believe it's 3/6 or 1/2 because you have 6 possibilities and 3 numbers that are correct.

Answered: Probability Ideas for lesson plans: probability with casino games

If you want there is a site that includes free probability games and more! To the Probability thing: Free Probability Games To the main site: Math Games Online

Answered: How did georgia get the nickname empire state of the state

It refers to economic leadership.

Answered: What was the profession of Jack Ruby?

He owned a strip club and was a mafia dude. Many of us out here believe Ruby was ordered to silence Oswald before he could reveal the truth behind Kennedy's death.
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