what pressures 134a beverage coolers?

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Answered: Discharging my cars airconditoner

Your whole system needs all vacumed out and all new put in. good luck

Answered: "SWAMP COOLER" and Humidity

You have someone check the cooler for leaks or if it needs new pads and such. I grew up with swamp coolers, and regardless of the humidity, they don't shoot water out unless something is wrong.

Answered: How to position arm for taking blood pressure?

Have your arm straight and relaxed, place the cuff over your bicep, and turn on the machine. It will constrict, and shut off the blood flow temporarily. As the bag deflates, bloodflow will resume, giving an audible thumping sound. That is your systolic blood pressure. The bag will continue to ...

Answered: Is West Coast Cooler gluten free? Is it suitable for celiacs?

Since they don't mentioned it on their web site, to be 100% sure I suggest you contact them. http://www.westcoastcooler.ie/

Answered: Are there any changes that you can make to your diet besides cutting out

Sometimes other things than food can cause BP to rise. You should check yourself with a professional. Do all the analysis before making a call how to treat this condition on your own.

Answered: Where can I purchase the air cooler filter replacement?

You may purchase it to center where you get air conditioning unit . You may have it from sites who offers such equipments and parts for your unit.
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