what pound test braid for bass fishing?

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Answered: How do you braid hair into a fish tail braid?

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Answered: Bass Fishing

Minnesota and Texas are okay, but so are Wisconsin, Missouri, and Arkansas. The best bass fishing is however in California. The Escondido, California area to be exact. Now you ask why, and those who said other states bark at their computers and call me names. The state of California has stocked the ...

Answered: What are the best kind of rod and reels for bass fishing?

You will want a rod that is both flexible and durable. Therefore, a good choice would be a 6 1/2- to 7-foot long, medium heavy to heavy rod. An easy reel for beginners is a spinning reel. A spinning reel is an open-faced fishing reel with a bail. You flip the bail while holding the line and cast ...

Answered: Bass fishing from shore is it better to keep moving around the lake or

You are going to get a lot of opinions on this question. I think that if you stand in a spot more then 20 minutes (plus or minus) and haven't gotten a strike, its time to move on. You normally have to hunt bass down. They like the edges of things; the edge of a shoreline, the edge of a log lying in ...

Answered: Ideal for bass fishing?

I recommend the following: for beginners that use spin-casting equipment, a spin-casting reel spooled with 6, 8, or 10 pound test line that is mounted on a light to medium action 5 1 /2 to 6 foot casting rod.

Answered: What are some of the best fishing lures for catching bass?

In reality a Bass will eat anything smaller than the opening of his mouth - anything. If it swims or floats near the Bass and it will fit in his mouth, it's food. So it's hard to determine which lure or bait is the best. The favorite food of a Bass is a Perch or Shad. (Perch in clear water, Shad in ...
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What is a good boat for both water sports and bass fishing?

aztec fishing boat hire are really good. They were made in the east coast for people that wanted to fish but also wanted to ski.

What is the best bait to use for deep sea fishing for Sea Bass and

I recommend Lug Worm, Squid and Bright coloured lures for bass as they generally hunt by sight. -Frank

Im tryin to start a bass fishing tackle box but dont know what baits to

It's easy you just need a large tackle box, I recommend buying it at Bass Pro Shops. then get a bunch of bass lures,baits

Pregnant fish

When they start eating pickles! Toss some dill pickles in the tank.