what porn does to your brain?

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Answered: AOL still does nothing about the porn

Again, the identity of the poster is immaterial. It is simply wrong for AOL not to pull these posts. I am not sure that this sight is safe for chimpanzees and snail darters at this point in time.

Answered: Why does my brain get cold after surgery when I go outside in cold

Did you have one of those lobotomies, too? Uncle Frank

Answered: Rocmike the gay porn posting brain damaged schizo is ruining AOL.

Does anyone think that a straight person would enjoy gay porn like Rocmike does? Being a straight male I am saying no they don't. This leaves us with only 1 conclusion. Since Rocmike enjoys it it is obvious that he is gay.

Answered: Please AOL delete this sick insane brain damaged schizo Rocmike's

Rocmike did the same sick disturbing posting when it posted as American Patriot.

Answered: What is porn star Cailey Taylor's real name?

Erin Lynn West. Born May 22, 1983 in Billerica Massachussetts
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How do you tease your brain?

The brain, like any muscle, is "use it or loose it". So give your brain daily exercises (to stimulate it): Puzzles, sudoku, crosswords, books, jigsaws, debates, lectures, learn new stuff, play bridge / chess, solve math exercises, do memory exercises, ...... just few to mention.

If you have a brain injury and this leads to a ...

Yes, I would get a plan together and document what you can when you speak to a personal injury attorney.

Free full videos of catfights porn

Lol, ok so I really only know of one link off the top of my head... Lesbian girls catfighting! Good luck though, you'll probably have to google that one.

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