what politicians supported sub prime mortgages?

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Answered: Is it still possible to get a sub prime mortgage I ...

I just received an e=mail that this co can send me material and help with the answers the mortgage co. would want to see and hear that woul reduce my principle and interest rate for a good price, does this sound resonable.

Answered: Sub-prime mortgages


Answered: What is the difference between a Sub Prime Loan Modifications and a debt

When borrowers get in trouble, they can't make loan payments. The bank is left with a few options that are ugly for everybody. Often, the best option is loan modification. Loan modifications allow the bank to make loan payments more affordable for borrowers. They may change interest rates, loan ...

Answered: Mortgage refinance

MY TESTIMONY FROM A LEGITIMATE MONEY LENDER Have you been looking for a loan?Do you need an urgent personal or business loan?contact Dennis Hopkins Finance Home he help me with a loan of $300.000 some days ago after been scammed of $2500 from a woman claiming to been a loan lender but i thank God ...

Answered: What is sub prime mortgage?

countrywide i pray goes out of buisness. they gave me a pay option arm, with a prepay penalty .when they refinance me i had 20,000 in debt with outstanding credit card bills, didnt seam to be a problem, they told me the min. payment would be half what i was paying and i could afford to pay doun the ...

Answered: Mortgage

Mortgage insurance is an insurance policy which compensates lenders or investors for losses due to the default of a mortgage loan. The policy is also known as a mortgage indemnity guarantee, particularly in the UK. Kevin Sewell Mortgages UK
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