what political party women's rights?

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Answered: America IS freedom. Here are the functional political parties.

The leftist, Muslim, Atheist poster is starting early today.

Answered: Has everyone mellowed except the Tea Party? Obama ...

The "God Damn America" Democrats haven't improved.

Answered: There are plenty of alternatives to the Democrats.

Please note one other thing: NONE of the Presidents on Mount Rushmore were Democrats or Republicans. However, Republicans side with their wisdom and accomplishments. George Washington: Nonpartisan. Revolutionary War. Thomas Jefferson: Whig party. Establishment of ...

Answered: What role did Women play in Roman politics?

Well, since none of you helped me, I already found the answer.

Answered: Best post of the year so far

Hey dummy, YOU are Lester. This chucklehead is so confused he's now accusing himself of being Rocmike. If that's the case, why don't you take this crap offline and argue with yourself in private? Dumb bastard.
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To register to vote, update your voter registration, change your preferred party, Google your local county recorder webpage. There should be instructions there; and/or a hyperlink you can click that will take you to your local Motor Vehicle Division webpage. You can go directly to your local MVD's ...

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Leftists will only waste time trying to force other people to hate each other. There is no other skill available to leftists at all. We will allow leftists out of their room only when they learn to mind their manners. We very compassionately put them in their rooms, and will compassionately keep ...

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American Legislative Exchange Council is a nonpartisan interstate legialative information database concerning issues that concern state legislatures. These issues concern lands appropriation and interstate commerce. I realize that leftists consider any fair and rational exchange of information ...

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All present day ruthless dictators have a few things in common: they are delusional, they are consumed with racist hate, they are vengeful, and they are leftist liberal. Tadpole-Steve-GB, your IPA makes it clear how close to a severe nervous breakdown you are. You suffer severe chronic stress and ...