what percentage of a city's budget are usually spent on police and fire pensions?

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Answered: What does code one mean for decatur city police? i ...

CODE 1: This is the most common level of response. When responding to a call of a non-emergency nature, officers will observe and obey all traffic regulations, laws, and departmental policies and procedures. Officers will obey all parking laws upon arrival.

Answered: I worked for Bullock's dept. store in the 60's how can I fined out if

There was probably a requirement that you had to work there for some number of years (maybe 5 or 10 years) before being eligible for a pension. If you were eligible for a pension, you should have gotten an annual statement from them about pension funding. But you might have moved. Bullock's was ...

Answered: New fire police association

Leftists still say their only friends are cop killers and murder firemen. Well, that is the best you can expect from leftists, but what is the worst?

Answered: How can i find out what my pension will be on retirement

You can get all the information from the administration department of your company.
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Doug -- I am not the NC Police but I doubt that they will answer you. I suggest you get in touch with the police precinct closest to you.

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At 9:03:25 a.m. CST, the first of over 1,800 9-1-1 calls related to the bombing was received by Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA). By that time, EMSA ambulances and members of the police and firefighters were already headed to the scene, having heard the blast. Nearby citizens, who had ...

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Guess I will have the FBI at my door now, sure they can trace down Sarah Palins hacker and me but they just can't seem to track down all those terrorists on sites throughout our country who send in U-tube films of their faces and weapons telling us how they gonna do us in. All those places in ...

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