what percent of republican voters didn't vote in 2012?

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Answered: 2010 Elections: Republicans or Democrats?

We have seen the weak minds the Democrats have always run since the demise of a Klansman named Franklin Delano Roosevelt (a dishonor on the Roosevelt family name). Now the Democrats demand to place Clinton's visage over that of Theodore Roosevelt and Obama's over that of Jeferson's, at Mount ...

Answered: Will Mike Huckabee lead the Republicans in 2012?

Romney plastered Obama in debate as Ryan did Biden. Their track record of failure on failure guarantees Republicans will win. The trick will be uniting the parties. Romney has the way 2 do it.

Answered: What are the names of all the people who after the Jan 7, Republican

Go to the ABC web site and read reviews, the names will be there.

Answered: Acorn voter fraud

Obama hired criminals in 2007 to fill out millions and millions of fake voter registrations. Most were names on tombstones and others were just made up. In 2008, there were 65 million more votes cast than there were living voters. In 2010 we revised our verification procedures and where there ...
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Democrats and the racist left. What good are any of those? Dems are of acheivement, bereft. Leftists count their bills on their toes.

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Rocmike has switched over from his alias Stressed to his alias Trampo. HIS Snicker anonymous is also still posting.

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Looks like I was right. We will be getting a new Prime Minister. It seems the more we have, the worse they get.

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