what pain meds do ambulances carry in ct?

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Answered: How much money do Ambulance services companies make?

If you needed an ambulance it was an emergency. If you called for something that was not an emergency or less than an emergency like you say then a taxi should have been called.you can also support from: http://www.kalawyer.com/

Answered: Post opnon steroidalpain meds post op Is there any ...

Most pain meds do NOT contain steroids. Why you can't find them is strange. Are you in some 3rd world country? If you're in the USA or Canada or any other developed country, pain meds are readily available without steroids. To name a few: Codeine, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone.

Answered: Can i take a ultram tablet 2 hours after my 10mg of oxycodone dose.

10 mg of oxycodone should last more than 2 hours unless you are abusing them. Opiates aren't something to play around with. Take your meds as prescribed.

Answered: New york medical pain center I'm looking for a doctor to help me with

Your not going to find a doc in the yellow pages that says I give out pain meds!!! it's not easy...I would post this on Craigslist. I am having the same issue in NJ...Try NY Pain sulotions. Think you have to pay cash but you can submit through your insurance..Good luck and let me know if you find ...

Answered: Low level urine test from pain doctor

Enzyte is widely known for its all-natural male enhancement. It may be even better known for its fictional spokesman, “Smiling Bob.” Perhaps due to its amusing marketing campaign.. http://www.doesenzytework.org/

Answered: Carrie Underwood

No, that's not Steve. If it was him there would have been a demeaning, sexist or racist remark. Or all 3.
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Running out of options,ct chronic pain doctors not affraid to prescribe

I have had chronic pain in my back, which radiates down my legs due to a spinal fusion done in 87. I was on strong pain killers for the last 10 yrs. I was taking 600 mgs of demerol & 240 mgs of oxycotin a day. In January I went to a clinic to get off this stuff in January. I had sank into a deep ...

Carry on

Unfortunately, due to the very strict restrictions the FAA has imposed, you cannot (unless it's a prescription medication and you have a doctor's note, but even then, I doubt it will work). Maybe if you fly with someone else, they can take 3 ozs. in their luggage?

What are the best pain meds?

Selection of pain medication solely depends on the pain status. Plus, which body part ache you are experiencing. Opioid narcotic pain killer is the medication that you can intake for having immediate relief from the pain. P.S. Take doctors’ prescription. In case of wounds, I opt for First-Aid ...

What is the pain medication roxyquill used for

Roxy pills are oxycodone, a narcotic pain killer that is addictive.