what opioids can psychiatrist prescribe?

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Answered: Patient/psychiatrist confidentiality

You do have a legal right according to HIPPA.(as a side note) After having a lawsuit I will advise you that nothing you say to your therapist is really confidential in the sense that you records can/ and will be suppeoned by the opposing attorney. While you have a right to sign whether or not you ...

Answered: When choosing a Psychiatrist is it OK to ask what Religeon they are?

The treatment should have nothing to do with their religion surely?

Answered: What will a psychiatrist appointment be like please need alot of advice

It will be a visit between you and someone looking to help you. Be as open and as honest as possible. If you are going with someone else as support, let them do most of the talking. You are also free to ask questions of the psychiatrist to see if you are comfortable with them. Good luck and ...

Answered: What is the best short acting opioid for spinal stenosis

Also explore whether physical therapy can help with your pain. Opioids are a slippery slope and should always be considered a last resort in my opinion. Medical pot is a much safer option if available in your state.

Answered: Ok im under age and im going 2 see a psychiatrist ...

its sounds like you are trying to get free weed you need help not more weed and i hope the therapist doesnt prescribe it and your parents find out

Answered: What were psychiatrists called in early times?

In ancient times, you might go to a doctor for advice. Egyptians mentioned depression in 1500 BC. The Muslims built a psychiatric hospital in 705 AD. Bethlehem Hospital was used for the insane at least as far back as 1403, becoming known as "Bedlam". The term psychiatry was only invented in ...
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Tadpole blew it again. Bout all you can expect from a leftist.

Another day and night of Rocmike doing nothing but posting his sick disturbing porn. Posting questions that nobody answers on. Posting under aliases that everyone ignores. He has posted under Harley Spirit, Philo Manke, Yedja, Snicker anonymous and anonymous. Isn't this loser getting tired of being ...

Why would a doctor prescribe setriods to a woman?

Steroids include the anabolic steroids that build bone and muscles, but they also include sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen, and corticosteroids that are anti-inflammatory. For a woman with joint problems or arthritis, corticosteroids like cortisone might be prescribed. Corticosteroids ...

Can't find Psychiatrist to take Medical(Medicaid) for son who will not

The Fay Linder center for Autism ..and Aspergers .they only take medicaid and they are located in The Fay J. Lindner Center for Autism Welcome to the Fay J. Lindner Center for Autism It is estimated that one in every 250 children born has some form of autism. While there is no known cause or ...

What will happin if i take trazadone even tho it's not prescribed to

You should never take medicine that is not prescribed to you, especially something like trazodone. If you need an anti depressant, go and see your doctor.