WHat neighborhood is 824 W. Jewell Avenue, Denver, CO 80223?

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Answered: Jewellery shops or diamond dealers / traders / jewellers in vietnam

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Answered: A small group of residents in the High Point ...

I found a name Leigh Ellis from 2008 had some sort of neighborhood effort. And LocalBlox has http://www.localblox.com/Crime-Watch/34264/High-Point-Terrace-Memphis-Tennessee Nextdoor.com might have something for High Point Terrace, or you may find it useful for the neighborhood. There's also https ...

Answered: Who are whitehall jewelers, wichita falls, texas? Do they have an online

I read that they went out of business. I can't find a website, just that they aren't there anymore. Sorry.

Answered: What to do if u suspect drug activity in your neighborhood

I'm sure you can place a report at your local police station. Just tell them that you do not know for certain, but suspect it. Hopefully, they will look into it.
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