what negative connotations go with fascist?

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Answered: Negative connotation of cautious

overly cautious, such as a person who is afraid to make new friends for fear of getting hurt.

Answered: Fascist dictator wannabe syndrome?

Lets hope it's the same poster changing names that does nothing but spend every hour of every day bad mouthing our country. I would hate to think that there would be so many different posters on the right who hate our country. He should take his hate along with his non stop posting of his leftist ...

Answered: Did anyone miss the leftist liberal violence lately?

Did anyone think about the deadlier menace to little children than guns????????????? Legos kill five times as many three year old children than all the guns ever built and you haven't outlawed legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why aren't you siding with me???????????? We have to eliminate the legos ...

Answered: How do you deal with negative thoughts?

Accentuate the positive, Eliminate the negative Encourage what is possible, And don't mess with mister in-between.

Answered: I finally got a negative urine screen for marijuana and then right after

I can tell you that the probation and parole offices don't use expensive tests and they do give bad results. google it, hundreds of resources
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