What nationality is Jake Pavelka-- the new bachelor?

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Answered: Bachelor Jake voted off of DWTS

Two choices... Desperate or in love. 3 times needs charm.

Answered: Another 'Bachelor' Split!

The show The Bachelor has yet to keep an engagement. So no, I'm not surprised this didn't last. I'm just surprised that people continue to watch the series.

Answered: Jake chooses Vienna

I didn't watch the show this season so I'm not really sure. I will note that of the last 10 or so seasons, only 1 couple has actually married with children. The rest break up after teh tv crew leaves.

Answered: Is the Bachelor a hyprocrite?

Yes! Dating multiple people at one time is cheating so he's definitely being a hypocrite about this. Karma's a bitch and some might say it came back around with his current situation (his chosen girl, Vienna and him breaking off their engagement).

Answered: Did Rozalyn deceive The Bachelor?

I think she did exactly what she was accused of doing. She is a bad liar and rumor has it on Steve the spoiler site that her sex video is circulating around perhaps with that producer guy but I am not sure who the man is yet.

Answered: Vienna wants to do Playboy

I agree with domino on this one. I'm not really surprised.
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I was never a Vienna "fan" during the bacholer episodes. However, I 100% believe Vienna to date. I do believe Jake is a liar and puts the "tears" and all other emotion on for the cameras. In my opinion he is pathetic. I actually feel very sorry for her. I definitely believe HER.

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