What museums collects Replica Higley Coins?

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Answered: The initials "AKC" on a U.S. coin

AKC is American Kennel Club. There are some champion dogs like Gold Coin that have an AKC listing.

Answered: I was a stamp collector as a kid, though I didn't ...

I would do a bit of both - long term and short term. but, this depends on where you live, your annual coin "investment" budget and how dedicated you are, and will be, to to the lucrative hobby in numismatics. If yoy wish to contact me for further advice and information, my current email is ...

Answered: Coin collecting problem

Both lead and silver solder have a relatively low melting point, (as compared with the metal of a coin). I'd just use a propane torch to heat the coin and either blow the solder off with a compressor/air gun, or you can wipe it off with a piece of XXXX steel wool. Careful because the coin will be ...

Answered: How can I tell if my colt black powder is a replica?

I would take it to a reputable gun smith and have him give it a look. Perhaps the gun smith can check the numbers on it and give you even more information about it.

Answered: Interested in selling gold coins

Silver Gold into Cash is a Jewellery Manufacturing Company in UK offering services like Recycled Gold, Sell Gold Online, Selling Gold/Silver/Platinum For Cash, Gold Coins For Sale, Buying And Selling Gold.

Answered: How much is a 1993 silver koala coin worth?

If it is one ounce of silver, it's probably around $19.00
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1893 columbian world's fair coin/worth anything?

I believe that is called a "So Called Dollar" (i have no idea!!). You can probably look it up by that, there are books on So Called Dollars.

How can parents get their kids interested in a hobby?

Take the child to coin and other type shows..

How do I get silver coins graded?

Shag, I've collected coins over 40 years and when I can actually see a coin, I can give it a decent appraisal most of the time. Usually, what I tell people who bring me coins is this: First, I look up the coin in a current copy of one of the major coin collector magazines, like Coin World, etc., and ...

What does au and ag stand for on coins,followed by .999....

au .999 means pure gold, 24 karat. ag .999 means pure silver .999 means pure au means gold ag means silver